Here's what some of our parents think about Children's Therapy Works...

"We have been with Children's Therapy Works for almost 12 years. They are wonderful! You are treated so well, and they are always offering helpful information. They have truly blessed our family."

"William started at Children's Therapy Works with Nancy Marsh, OT at the tender age of 2, diagnosed with severe autism and no language. He had a high level of anxiety, sensory issues and auditory sensitivities.


"With weekly work and the dedication of Nancy, William, now 6, has mainstreamed into a regular school. His teacher reports that he is one of the brightest students in her multi-age class with the highest level of comprehension and use of advanced vocabulary. William is working 1 to 4 grades beyond his first grade class.


"I truly attribute my son's success to the therapy administered at Children's Therapy Works by Nancy. For four years we have worked on everything from handwriting to gross motor skills and coordination. Nancy has communicated with me every week on specific goals for William, and we continue to move forward as William moves off the 'spectrum'.


"My son has excelled beyond what I would have ever imagined. I am deeply appreciative and grateful to Nancy for all her talent, wisdom and hard work. As a result, William is a happy, well-adjusted, tender-hearted, high-functioning child today!


"Nancy sets high standards of achievement for my son, and as a result she has instilled into William the self-confidence he needs to fulfill and enrich his life."

"My family has greatly benefited from the Social Skills groups with
Children's Therapy Works. My son deals a lot with social anxiety and after just a few sessions he was developing into a social butterfly. From hiding from peers and being constantly attached to my leg to calling out to friends in the hallway and introducing himself to those he doesn't know in the playground."

"Children's Therapy Works has played a key role in development of our son's
physical disabilities. Our son has been working with the therapists here for
over a year, attending sessions once a week. We have been very pleased with his
progression and staying on track to meet his goals.


"The therapists are very caring and dedicated to utilizing his strengths and focusing on improving his weaknesses. They all have an ear to listen to the parents' concerns and make sure they are addressed. They are always willing to teach us the skills and techniques so we can continue working everyday at home.


"The staff at CTW is well trained, always smiling, accommodating, and friendly. We wouldn't choose any other facility or therapists for our son's care. We have been impressed from day one. We wouldn't drive an hour and a half every week if it wasn't the BEST for our son. We recommend CTW to anyone."

"My son, Michael has been coming to Children's Therapy Works for 3 months now and we just love it. My son's Occupational Therapist and Speech Therapist are great. Children's Therapy Works is great for my son. Very nice staff, and very clean waiting area with kids' toys."

"Our children are in a world dependent on social skills where learning to say 'hi' and 'bye' with eye contact can help our children more than some people realize. Children's Therapy Works provides an environment in which there is an increased focus on the individual child and how he/she reacts in a group. This sustained attention enables and encourages my son to complete his specific task and thought. He can no longer just walk away if a question is too hard to understand. Instead, he is challenged to slow down in order to allow comprehension."