The following are good sources of further information in relation to a variety of topics associated with pediatric therapies and practices.

Parent Support

Down Syndrome --


Family Network on Disabilities (Florida) --


Family Care Council --


Florida Developmental Disabilities Council --


National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities --


Family Education Network --


Interdisciplinary Council on Developmental & Learning Disorders (ICDL) --


Sensory Integration --


Sensory Integration -


National Organization of Rare disorders (NORDS) -

Parent Information

Attention Deficit --


Feeding; New visions --


Speech tools --


Speech/language; Beyond Baby Talk --


Occupational Therapy; Tools for Parents/Children; suggestions for sensory integration activities --


Handwriting Without Tears, J. Olsen --

Professional Organizations

American Occupational Therapy Association --


American Physical Therapy Association --


American Speech and Hearing Association --



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Seroussi, Karen: Unraveling the Mystery of Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorders: a Mother's Story of Research and Recovery


Lewis, Lisa: Special Diets for Special Kids

Attention Deficit

Taylor, John: Helping Your ADD Child, Prima Publishing, 2001

Auditory Integration

Frick, Sheila and Hacker, C.: Listening with the Whole Body, 2001, Vital Links, Madison, WI


Stehli, A.: Dancing in the Rain




Parent Support

Klein, Stanley, You Will Dream New Dreams

Physical Therapy

Sensory Integration